Sunday, December 30, 2007


LA Weekly, November 2007

i actually got an email from jerry hopkins himself about this blog posting, all the way from Thailand. He told me i have a "sweet mouth" and signed it "warm wishes." love it.

People have been leaving some pretty amazing comments on this post about Fred Neil and Karen Dalton in the 60s Greenwich Village music scene- very cool.

Fred Neil's legacy has remained under the radar, but he is most noted for penning the song "Everybody's Talkin," made popular by Harry Nilsson's Midnight Cowboy version.

An observation about Fred Neil in LA Weekly

Here is a video of the amazingly gorgeous and unbelievably tragic Tim Buckley performing my favorite Fred Neil song, "The Dolphins." When I first saw this video, I was obsessed with it and kept watching it over and over. I basically convinced myself that Tim and I were meant to be together, and by some tragic twist of fate he and I were alive in disparate times. I never realized before, bu he looks very much like a friend of mine, actor Gabe Dell.

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