Monday, January 7, 2008

thoughts: A Stalker is Sending Me Creepy Text Messages

If you're a fella and you meet a girl and you don't want her to think you're a creepy stalker, don't a) tell her you're her neighbor, but then b) ask her where she lives, c) ask her where she works, d) tell her you would want to go inside if her father wasn't home, and then e) send her a series of ultra-creepy text messages (see below).

This guy pulled in front of my house today when I was getting out of my car, and I, thinking he was my neighbor, stupidly proceeded to answer his questions about where I live and work and agreed to give him my phone number, for emergencies, of course. After I went inside and he started sending me serial-killer text messages, I realised that it was possible I was totally mistaken and he wasn't my neighbor at all. GOOD GOING RENA. Really stupid. So if I disappear within the next few days, he said his name was Matt, he drives a light blue/silver SUV, he's white with short hair, and his cell number shows up as 310.890.2127.

For entertainment value, here are his text messages, in order. They start out not so creepy, but then get creepier, especially because the only time I responded to him was after #4, to tell him I don't date neighbors:

1. Nice meeting you today.
2. U r very cute
3. Why do u[sic] have a gut feeling ur one amazing kisser?
4. Ur passion oozes
5. Ok we will only make out then...:)
6. Done but flirt with me until then...u must be a leo
7. Ok, play with me another time though
8. Ur naughty [ed. note- at 10:18am!]
9. I moved
10. Did we break up?

*Update Sat 1/12: I think it's okay- I haven't received a text message in 24 hours. Maybe that was honestly his way of showing interest. I'm not walking Frankie alone after 11pm again just yet, though.

The Stalker

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