Monday, January 28, 2008

thoughts: Anyone need Portishead tickets?

I know this is somewhat of a long shot, but I have an extra pair of Portishead tickets for an April show in Wolverhampton, UK.

I'll be seeing them in Edinburgh, UK, so the Wolverhampton tiks are not necessary anymore. They're going online now for over 75 pounds ($150) each, and they're only going to go up, but I'll sell the ones I've got for what I paid, which was a little under 40 pounds ($80) each after fees.
Seating charts are available online, but it's basically the standing area in front of the stage. I would liken it to the structure of the now-defunct Hollywood Palladium.
If you're interested contact me. Details below.

PORTISHEAD at The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton on SUNDAY 04/013/2008 at 19.30
2 STALLS STANDING at £ 34.25, Plus a Transaction fee of £ 4.80

On an editorial note, I'm really glad everyone's making such a fuss over them after so many years.


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